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Vol 1 No 1 (2021): JIS
Published: 2023-02-17
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JIS: Journal Islamic Sciences

JIS is published twice a year by the electronic publishing unit International Journal of  Publication Agus Salim Metro.

Purpose And Scope Of The Journal

Journal Islamic Science is a referenced academic journal published by the electronic publishing International Unit of the Agus Salim Metro Publication Journal. This journal aims to comprehensively integrate the dimensions of Islamic knowledge that are conventionally considered separate and strengthen the efficiency of human intellectual progress.

In line with the goals of the Agus Salim Metro Publication Journal Unit, this journal is dedicated to the integration of science and religion, and the promotion of universal values. While acknowledging the substantial progress that has been made in the scientific field, the journal is committed to the idea that the search for solutions to human difficulties can be enhanced by reference to an epistemological framework that is not limited to reason and observation alone but acknowledges the role of Revelation.

Journal Islamic sciences includes pure, theoretical and applied sciences as well as studies related to the integration of science and revelation. Journals are compilations of academic and research articles, review articles, conference reports, and abstracts that address contemporary issues within their scope

JIS invites scientific contributions from research articles, viewpoints and book reviews, most of which are holistic in nature from Indonesian and international academics and students.