AJIBEF: At Taajir Journal of Islamic Business Economics and Finance

Previously known as At Taajir, it is an international journal published twice a year by the electronic publishing unit International Journal of Publication Agus Salim Metro. In line with the objectives of Lectures and University, this Journal is dedicated to the development, promotion and understanding of Islamic Economics in a broad sense, including issues related to Islamic Economics, Islamic Business and Islamic Financial Institutions, so that scholars and related institutions are informed about research in Islamic Economics. 

Based on the Islamic world view of God, man, nature and the concept and purpose of religion, this Journal promotes the idea that economic activity is part of al-din, and should be guided and developed within the twin epistemological foundations of revelation and reason. In the Islamic worldview, the former describes the main basis of monotheism, while the latter recognizes human intelligence regardless of religion or skin color. While acknowledging the great strides in conventional economics, the Journal is committed to the idea that final solutions to human problems cannot be sought without reference to revelation and the Divine.

Within this framework, the Journal focuses on theoretical, applied, methodological and interdisciplinary works dealing with historical or contemporary economic problems. The editorial board welcomes original submissions in the fields of Economics (including relevant fiqh considerations), Islamic Economics, Sharia Business and Islamic Financial Institutions to cover historical, as well as methodological, conceptual, theoretical, analytical and applied issues. Apart from the discussion from an Islamic perspective, articles can also be conventional, preferably relating to Muslim countries for case studies.

The Editorial Board also welcomes book and article reviews of materials originally written in languages ​​other than English.